Using the extended life cycle method of the bearing

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Using the extended life cycle method of the bearing

Post by Pmk4ha on Wed 26 Nov 2014, 3:17 am

1, the installation guide
In the right direction, if the installation accuracy and life expectancy, impact performance. Therefore, the design and assembly, installation guide research department, fully. I hope, standard, according to the installation operation. The task is as follows: standard project
Direction of connection (1) and the component of cleaning direction;
(2) and the size of the check parts finishing connection;
(3); The installation
(4) installed in check good appearance;
(5) provide lubrication.
2, alignment, alignment
Correlations in the installation, if not carefully after directly caused the school in addition to the burden of correlation, friction, and vibration. These could speed up and reduce the fatigue life of guidance and other damage, may use the time limit of the machine parts. In addition, the increase of vibration and friction will greatly increase the risk of energy consumption and the lack of premature.Bearing damage were used to detect the maintenance method
3, monitoring the basic conditions
In use, often in performing basic external conditions, such as bearing temperature monitoring and measurement of vibration and noise, etc. These checks will find potential problems and prevent an accident, the phenomenon of the machine, suspend production factory plan, achieve productivity and efficiency.
4, lubrication once again
During operation, again is perfectly well correlation, lubrication. Bearing lubrication method, divided into fat and oil lubricant. Completes the course function, the first to use conditions to select the methods, the purpose of the lubrication. If only consider oil lubrication, lubrication lubrication. But some lubrication can simplify the structure appearance about expertise.
5, download
When his relevance, finally use should be replaced. Although can't use the direction in the right direction, however, remove the original new guidance to replace a new direction in time, can extend the service life of a good role in promoting. The method USES the appearance of the appropriate download tools and techniques that help guide the maintenance and repair of other machines.


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