Should Guernsey adopt GST.

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Should Guernsey adopt GST.

Post by boatyboy on Wed 17 Apr 2013, 10:16 pm

The headlines in the GP sound alarmist but how is Jersey getting on after bringing in GST ?. From a personal point of view bringing in GST has its pro’s and con’s. If they decided to get rid of income tax and charge everyone say 15% then you would only pay tax when you purchased goods or services. As the less well off spend proportionally more on food this should be exempt. A wealthy man buying a £100k car would pay an extra £15,000.

If the Guernsey States, bring it in like Jersey as well as user pays for services ( X ray £10 ) then you will end up with less disposable money in your pocket as Jersey takes GST, user pays, heavy social security on the self employed and 6.5% of wages on employed and income tax.

The Jersey islanders are IMO getting miserable as quality of life is gets worse, as islanders have less disposable income. It is also a fact that tourist's will be more attracted to a lovely destination like Guernsey without a sales tax. You beat us hands down on that one.

Take to the streets if they try and bring it in as you did with the incinerator problem. It will only go up once in whatever they say. A complete overhaul of the civil service and States spending should come first cutting away the deadwood and gold plated public sector pensions that is paid for by people that cannot afford them for themselves working in the private sector. THen why have gardeners when the private sector would probably do the work for less etc etc.


A GOODS and services tax would be a ‘nail in the coffin’ for independent businesses, say retailers.



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Re: Should Guernsey adopt GST.

Post by Thistle on Tue 23 Apr 2013, 4:49 pm

there is no way guernsey should go down the path of gst..they should be looking at a higher rate of income tax for very high earners.they could also put a penny or two on the flat rate tax..that way it wont hit the low earners ..gst would kill guernsey businesses xx

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