Boosting Alderney's tourism

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Boosting Alderney's tourism

Post by GD on Fri 22 Feb 2013, 4:48 pm

Wildlife and heritage tourism are the heart of plans to encourage more visitors to Alderney.

50,000 has been allotted to bring in more people, like birdwatchers, as the island struggles to cope with the recession.

The money will be spent on improving access to Alderney's natural treasures, its military history.

A similar project in East Yorkshire brought in millions of pounds and Alderney is learning from the experience.

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Re: Boosting Alderney's tourism

Post by Rupert Baehr on Fri 29 Mar 2013, 5:34 am

"...Wildlife and heritage tourism are the heart of plans to encourage more visitors to Alderney...."

Do you really think so?

Last year I intended to rent a house in Alderney between May and September.

Not easy.

But when you look at the cost (and hassle) of bringing 2 dogs to Alderney then you will (If you've at least half a brain ... (and I do have a little more than half a brain) realise that you're not wanted in Alderney.

I and my dogs were made very welcome in Bavaria for 5 months.

Rupert Baehr

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