Bigger role planned for volunteers

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Bigger role planned for volunteers

Post by GD on Sat 16 Feb 2013, 11:10 am

Guernsey's third sector could be asked to do more in future if the island's government decides to downsize.

The overarching document that guides long-term States policy published, highlights the tension between an ageing population, a declining workforce and how the island will continue to fund public services and infrastructure.

In meetings about the States Strategic Plan, deputies suggested that a smaller government with less bureaucracy and intervention would reduce costs.

They also said government needed to identify other agencies, especially in the third sector, that could deliver as well or better than government.

Other common themes included considering a new approach to taxation, realising Guernsey could not afford everything it wanted, and alternative ways of raising money because 'public revenues won't be enough to fund long-term capital investment'.

The SSP said Guernsey would face long-term spending pressures until 2040.

It added that the majority - 80% - of the island's Gross Domestic Product had been generated by financial services during the last two decades.

"The tax system now requires high personal incomes to fund public services and finance sector salaries contribute most, but the fragility of over-dependence on one industry has also been a matter of concern for many years."

The report suggests a number of ways in which Guernsey's economy can be diversified.

Those include supporting small businesses, developing air and sea routes, tourism and an ICT strategy, to name a few.

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Re: Bigger role planned for volunteers

Post by kat on Sat 16 Feb 2013, 11:37 am

They should use the douziane more ,there are elected people willing to work for nothing .use then or loose them

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