Tracking your tanker

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Tracking your tanker

Post by GD on Thu 14 Feb 2013, 5:19 pm

A tracking system dubbed 'a spy in the cab' and costing thousands of pounds may soon be installed on vehicles belonging to States Works.

Sewage tankers, rubbish lorries and other vehicles in the Public Services' division would be fitted with devices that capture data to manage collections better.

But trade union Unite, which represents the drivers, has questioned the proposed move in a time of austerity when manual workers are facing a pay freeze.

Regional officer Bob Lanning said it would anger the work force.

"We're trying to help you [States Works] make savings, better value for money, but by the way, we're offering you a zero percent pay rise - that's not going to go down very well."

He said he had been told the system would not cost less than 40,000.

"I look at the savings the States is trying to make - cutting retained firefighters - and I think that if someone is going to spend that much, the scheme should deliver the savings promised."

States Works declined to say how much the initiative would cost and save, but said 'implementation costs were low and perceived benefits high.'

Mr Lanning said many figures had been banded about but any savings had to make up for the initial outlay.

He also had concerns about 'big brother' watching the drivers. The union representative said he had asked them to rule out using the system for disciplinary action if the men embraced it, but the department said no.

"It is definitely a spy in the cab. Would any of us want something that's tracking us all day long?"

Although the drivers did not like the idea, he said, they had accepted it.

He added that States Works was hoping to show up gaps in the system.

"Some drivers might have worse deliveries with heavy loads, whereas another driver might allegedly be sat in his vehicle for a couple of hours doing nothing."

A States Works spokesman said a review of the sewage tanker service was taking place to ensure Guernsey Water, its clients and the island as a whole, was provided with an efficient and cost effective service.

"It will look at all operational aspects of the service, from route planning and vehicle use.

"To capture data and overview the management of the service, it's the division's intention to install tracking devices in all its commercial fleet, as defined in its 2013 - 2017 business plan," he said.

"The system will allow lone working and customer queries to be managed proactively."

He added that a number of tracking systems were under review and it was too early to speculate on the outcome.

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Re: Tracking your tanker

Post by kingcolemk on Thu 14 Feb 2013, 7:08 pm

A satnav tracking system to cover such a small area seems a bit of an overkill.


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