The "New Toolbar"

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The "New Toolbar"

Post by GD on Sat 09 Feb 2013, 12:14 am

At the top of the Forum you will see a "Toolbar" here are some of the Features...

General features of the toolbar are as follows :

- The icon and the service name redirects to
- Clicking the magnifying glass moves the cursor to the search bar
- Validation of the research is done via the "Enter" key on the keyboard
- The search window makes a research on topics titles
- The Facebook button shares the current page on Facebook
- The Twitter button opens the Twitter sharing page
- The Google+ button shares the current page on Google+
- The @ button opens the webmail client of the user, specifying the URL of the forum page you are on
- The RSS button opens the RSS feed of the forum
- The arrow "↑" hides the Toolbar
- The arrow "↓" displays the Toolbar

In non-logged mode :

- The Log In button redirects to the log in page
- The Register button redirect to the register page

In logged mode :

- In the Welcome menu, the username of the member is limited to 15 characters, or 12 + "..."
- The Welcome menu contains the options :
View my profile: which redirects to the public profile of the user
Edit my profile: which redirects to the preference tab of the user profile edition
All my topics which redirects to all the topics the user has posted in
All my messages: which redirects to all the user's messages
My watched topics: which redirects to all the watched topics of the user
Administration Panel: which redirects to the Admin Panel, only if the user has the Admin rights (the option isn't displayed if the user hasn't got the administration rights)
Log out: which redirects to the log out page.

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Re: The "New Toolbar"

Post by bug1 on Sat 09 Feb 2013, 2:56 pm

Don't you just love modern communication!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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