St Annes school to lose three teachers.

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St Annes school to lose three teachers.

Post by GD on Sun 27 Jan 2013, 8:27 pm

St Annes School in Alderney is to lose three teachers.

The school currently has 135 pupils and 18 members of staff, which puts the average staff to pupil ratio at one member per 7.5 pupils.

But Guernsey's Education Department has identified it as being over staffed.

The cuts will save the department £150,000 a year

Headteacher Michael Gaunt said the losses – to be spread over two years – would mean
treading ‘a very difficult path’.

Although it is hoped the roles will go through people leaving voluntarily, Mr Gaunt said
that in such a small school, where it could be that there is only one teacher who teaches a
core subject, it might not be possible to achieve the cuts that way.

Guernsey Education Department is looking to save £7m by 2014. The annual expenditure on St Anne’s is £1.5m.

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Re: St Annes school to lose three teachers.

Post by Rupert Baehr on Fri 29 Mar 2013, 7:06 am

So 3 teacher's go and that saves £150,000.

Is the average pay for a teacher in Alderney £50,000?

If not, where do the savings come from?

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