Man behind Sark's controversial newsletter speaks out

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Man behind Sark's controversial newsletter speaks out

Post by GD on Tue 22 Jan 2013, 6:34 pm

The man behind Sark's controversial newsletter has defended its publication after years of what some perceive to be personal attacks on politicians.

Speaking exclusively to ITV News on Channel, Kevin Delaney, refuted suggestions that he had driven Sark's doctor to leave the island.

Mr Delaney said the publication merely held the island's parliament to account and reflected the actions of Chief Pleas.

"The Sark newsletter is a mirror, it reflects what Chief Pleas does and the activities of our politicians.

"It reflects them robustly because if something is wrong - the louder one screams, the more chance there is of getting something fixed."

In February last year Dr Peter Counsell left the island claiming he had been hounded out by the letter.

The paper criticised the doctor's handling of a case saying the patient should have been evacuated by using the Barclay brothers' helicopter rather than by boat.

Dr Counsell said at the time that it was just one of many unfounded attacks on his professional competency and handed in his notice.

A large protest against the newsletter then followed.

But Mr Delaney said he found the suggestion that the paper had forced the doctor to quit the island "remarkable."

Asked whether the publication needed to change or stop completely so Sark Estate Management could work with Chief Pleas for the benefit of the island, he said, "The newsletter merely mirrors the actions of our politicians who seek to act without transparency, accountability and openness, as and when their actions change the newsletter will reflect that."

"I don't accept that there are personal attacks on politicians, these are grown adults who seek to control the lives of every man, woman and child on that island, by the decisions they make.

"I will be the first to sing their praises if and when they evolve into a fully functioning democracy."

Sark Estate Management has recently had to half its workforce because the company says it cannot sustain year-round employment.

Mr Delaney said Chief Pleas has spent the last four years 'destroying the economy' which was in 'terminal decline'.

"We're told people will find work on Sark but nobody can build a future around mowing someone's lawn one day, four hours cleaning a house another, the island needs full-time employment."

He said the company's hotels would revert to a seasonal model but the island needed more visitors.

Asked what would happen if Sark did not see the number of tourists increase, Mr Delaney stressed that SEM was committed to the island.

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