Sark need to Tighten gun laws

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Sark need to Tighten gun laws

Post by GD on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 7:36 pm

The shootings in Sandy Hook school was an atrocity that shook the world, just one of the events that's pushing President Obama towards tightening laws and preparing for horrific attacks.

And it's an issue echoed here in the Channel Islands also.

Sark's Firearms Committee are worried that Constables don't have the expertise to deal with a serious situation, should it arise.

They already had an informal agreement with Guernsey Police, but have now voted to firm that up.

Conseiller Anthony Ventress, Deputy Chairman of Sark's Firearms Committee said, "It makes it easier for both Guernsey Police and ourselves to assertain any information which we may require or any checks that may be needed, which of course are becoming more and more stringent."

But firming up plans, should something dreadful happen isn't going to be enough, according to one Jersey gun expert.

Although the move is a step in the right direction, Derek Bernard is concerned that delays travelling to Sark could see more of a chance of people getting hurt - as with Anders Breivik's killing spree in Norway in 2011.

Mr Bernard, who has researched gun control laws around the world for decades, said: "If they want to try and cope with one of these horrendous events, even though it's incredibly unlikely, but if they want to, they need somebody on Sark.
"They need somebody on Sark who is good with a gun and is trained to respond - And by the time a Guernsey team arrives, the killing will be over."

Sark and Guernsey's new agreement will see more information pased between the islands, so if Guernsey officers were called for assistance they would know what they were dealing with.

It also means unsafe or unused firearms can be disposed at no cost to Sark.

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Re: Sark need to Tighten gun laws

Post by Rupert Baehr on Fri 29 Mar 2013, 7:01 am

Err.. you haven't made a case.

Somebody(or even many somebodies) get shot many thousands of miles away by a nutter.

So Sark (and probably Alderney and then Guernsey) need to change their laws?)

That's a pretty piss-poor argument, isn't it?

Because you're 'The Boss' does that mean that you don't have to bother with logic when you postulate an argument?

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