Savings programme needs better scrutiny

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Savings programme needs better scrutiny

Post by GD on Sat 12 Jan 2013, 1:42 pm

Guernsey's Financial Transformation Programme has got a tough year ahead.

It needs to save 21 million by 2014, meaning both fierce cuts and criticism.

Deputy Matt Fallaize has spoken out against the way the programme is being managed.

He says he is going to bring an amendment, demanding more clarity and tighter scrutiny.

"I will bring at least one amendment as I say to propose ways in which the programme could be scrutinised better over the next two years because this is the flagship initiative of the States," he said.

"It's an attempt to save tens of millions of pounds per year but clearly it incurs a risk for the public sector. Clearly there are all sorts of risks to public sector services if this is not done properly and in order to ensure it's done properly, I think it needs to be kept under regular and robust scrutiny and that has not been the case in the last three years of the programme so far."

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