Students struggle to make ends meet

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Students struggle to make ends meet

Post by GD on Wed 09 Jan 2013, 10:13 pm

Mature students at Highlands College have told Channel Television some of them are pulling out of courses because they cannot survive financially.

A number of islanders have chosen to go back into full-time education due to the tough employment situation in Jersey.

High levels of unemployment has led many to study with the aim of boosting their prospects of landing a job.

But the students say conditions of their Income Support arrangement make it almost impossible for them to study effectively.

Claimants have to apply for at least two jobs per week, regardless of whether they are suitable for them, to keep receiving support.

27-year-old Katie Howard, who is studying GCSE English and Science, has 200 to live on per week. The money needs to support her husband, who is out of work, and three children as well as herself.

She admits it is nearly impossible to make ends meet.

The Social Security Minister, Senator Francis Le Gresley, says he will resolve the issues with the mature students affected.

But he insists the benefit is being 'misused' by them, as it is an 'in work benefit' and not designed for students.

Despite that, Senator Le Gresley admits certain islanders will be supported through post graduate education if they are likely to obtain a job in that field at the end of their course.

The current discrepancy has led the minister to clarify the department's policy 'more clearly' ahead of new students enrolling in September.

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Re: Students struggle to make ends meet

Post by kat on Thu 10 Jan 2013, 9:50 am

over here she would have 100 pounds per child as a benefit plus family allowance.some where i live have more money than we do and my hubby works full time

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