Buy coffee with your phone in Jersey

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Buy coffee with your phone in Jersey

Post by GD on Tue 08 Jan 2013, 8:18 pm

An independent coffee chain in Jersey has become the first Channel Island outlet to accept payment by your smart-phone.

Cooper and Co are now using a voucher system, where users can top up their credit online and do not need to carry cash to buy a cup of coffee on the go.

It is a system already in use by Starbucks and other worldwide chains, and one owner David Warr thinks it brings them into the modern marketplace.

You just scan your phone to pay.

"The reality is the world is increasingly moving towards our phones. I'm not quite sure as how good the technology is on a smart phone these days, but I think there's more technology on there than when they landed the rockets on the moon in 1968, so I'm told.

"It's extraordinary how the iPhone has become the centre of everything, whether it be for making payments, whether it be checking things online, whether it be for you to know almost any aspect of our lives, our diary. It's just the thing we now use, so why not use it as cash as well," he said.

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