Plans scrapped for marina

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Plans scrapped for marina

Post by GD on Mon 17 Dec 2012, 9:57 pm

Plans to build a marina at the Breakwater in Alderney have been scrapped.

A group of local businessmen are now looking to build at Toulouse Rock under Fort Albert.

Local businessman Robin Walters says one of the reasons they have scrapped the plans is because of exposure to the sea.

He says, "The marina would be exposed to savage north easterly wind and waves coming in from the Atlantic.

"The Toulouse Rock area may be more secure. We will have to wait and see when the results of the re-run of the wave study is complete.

"As the founder of Walcon Marine and builder of hundreds of marine berths, I should have thought about the Breakwater issues beforehand.

"Iíve gone and seen it now and so have my technical experts. I will take the blame for not thinking about it earlier."

He also dismissed rumours that the move was because of increased costs.

Former harbour master Steve Shaw said both sites presented their own challenges.

"You are more protected from north easterly winds at Toulouse Rock, but you are exposed there to severe north westerlies," he explained.

The group is now looking at other options.

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