Sark basks in the Island Parish effect

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Sark basks in the Island Parish effect

Post by GD on Thu 29 Nov 2012, 10:22 pm

Guernsey's been enjoying its time in the limelight with the ITV documentary series Island Hospital, now it is Sark's time for a slice of the action with the latest series of the BBC's 'An Island Parish'.

It is already showcased life in the Isles of Scilly and Arran - and now it is here in the Channel Islands.

The fly on the wall documentary series being shown through the winter months.

'An Island Parish' showcases many aspects of Sark life, but it also makes stars of some of the island's best known characters.

Among them is sheep farmer David. He and the rather mischievous Persil the sheep are now getting a taste of the fame game.

David Scott said: "Yeah, he was one of four and we tried to put him on a ewe with only one lamb, but she didn't want to take him, so we ended up rearing him ourselves, so he's become part of the family really."

Away from the farm, the film crew were there for the Royal visit, and arguably the highlight of the year for Sark, their own golden boy dressage rider Carl Hester returning triumphant from the Olympics.

Sark's Senechal Lt Col Reg Guille said: "I hope it will be very good for Sark. They've had an absolutely six months of filming. There has been so much going on."

Down the avenue, the editor of the Sark Scribe newspaper hopes An Island Parish will spark interest in Sark.

Bob Parsons of the Sark Scribe said: "It works towards encouraging people's interest in island life. It doesn't matter whether it's the Scillies, or the Isle of Arran, or Sark. It's part of people dream. Like wanting to live in the country, there are people who want to live or visit an island."

And the early signs are good.

Conseiller Sandra Williams, President of the Tourism Committee, said: "We've had a spike on the website but I haven't got the actual numbers, but there is a definite interest. And the new guides are out which were launched just in time. The new guides are flying out the door."

And coffee shop owner, and An Island Parish star, Christina Southern, said: "It's good. I love it. It shows Sark, we're all quirky, a bit mad, and I think that's what the rest of the world must think we are. But, no, it's a beautiful place and I hope it'll bring people here because it's a beautiful place."

Great little program...

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