Guernsey's Scrutiny chairman 'shocked' by resignation

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Guernsey's Scrutiny chairman 'shocked' by resignation

Post by GD on Fri 16 Nov 2012, 9:53 pm

Guernsey's Scrutiny chairman says he is "shocked and disappointed" by the resignation of Deputy Matt Fallaize from his nine member committee.

Deputy Fallaize, who has been a member since 2008, announced his decision to quit on Thursday.

He said the committee was not funded well enough to be effective and had become "a frustrating place to work".

Chairman Paul Arditti admitted it was "under-resourced" and said he had tried to dissuade him from leaving.

Deputy Fallaize will continue in his role as vice-chairman of the States Review Committee.

'Our masters'

It is charged with reviewing the present structure of government, which was introduced in 2004.

Mr Arditti's committee will roll out a programme of public hearings in 2013 He said its scrutinising function was introduced "as an afterthought" and could not properly examine the work of all States departments with just two members of staff.

However, he said weaknesses in the current system went much deeper.

"Policy planning is dysfunctional," he said.

Mr Arditti, who has led Scrutiny since May, said he was more optimistic than Deputy Fallaize about the committee's future.

"Once we have shown our masters - the assembly and the public - what we're capable of, I'm pretty sure they will provide us with the additional resources we need," he said.

He said a new programme of public hearings would be rolled out in 2013, to examine the work of individual departments.

The election of a replacement for Deputy Fallaize is due to take place during the next meeting of the States on 28 November.

A new member of Commerce and Employment is also due to be elected at the same time, following the resignation of Deputy Mike Hadley earlier this month.

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Re: Guernsey's Scrutiny chairman 'shocked' by resignation

Post by kingcolemk on Sat 17 Nov 2012, 9:36 am

Not sure I understand why a committee needs 'resources'. Would it be to fund their expenses and junkets ?


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Re: Guernsey's Scrutiny chairman 'shocked' by resignation

Post by bug1 on Sun 18 Nov 2012, 5:28 pm

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Re: Guernsey's Scrutiny chairman 'shocked' by resignation

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