Guernsey Airport project drivers get more training

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Guernsey Airport project drivers get more training

Post by Dell on Tue 12 Jun 2012, 7:05 pm

Further training will be given to drivers transporting materials for the refurbishment of Guernsey Airport, the contractor's project manager has said.

It follows complaints about tractor and truck drivers speeding and not taking enough care on the roads.

Lagan Construction denied vehicles were speeding, saying they were monitored through GPS, but said it would look at training to deal with other complaints.

The island's only airfield is being refurbished in an 80m project.

It is due to last another 18 months and involves material being taken from a temporary dock at Longue Hougue to the airport site.

Islanders have been contacting their deputies and BBC Guernsey about the issues, but Steve Turner of Lagan Construction encouraged them to contact the 24-hour complaint line on 238222, which has so far only received one call.

He said all the vehicles and trailers were numbered for ease of identification and only once they were aware of incidents could they be dealt with.

Gerry Prickett, client project manager, said: "The important thing from our perspective is that our trucks are driving safely and within the rules and requirements of the roads of Guernsey."

Mr Prickett said the refurbishment involved up to 90 journeys and up to 1,000 tonnes of materials being moved in a day.

From BBC.

Have you anything to say about the standard of driving of the Lagan Construction vehicles?


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