Guernsey Airport traffic lights to be reviewed

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Guernsey Airport traffic lights to be reviewed

Post by Dell on Thu 07 Jun 2012, 1:29 pm

A review of temporary traffic lights installed as part of the work at Guernsey Airport will be carried out by the Environment Department.

It follows complaints from road users of increased delays since the lights were installed in April.

They were put in place due to heavy vehicles being used to haul materials for the 80m airfield redevelopment.

Deputy Roger Domaille said: "It's only right we review the position and take on board all of the comments."

He said the review of the two sets of lights, outside the airport entrance and in Bulwer Avenue near the temporary dock, would be carried out on Tuesday by the department's political board.

The department has received complaints from a number of taxi drivers about the increased amount of time it takes to get to and from the airport.

'Avoidable delays'

Among them is Sally Falla, who said there were now more delays in peek periods than previously when a filter in turn was in place.

She said: "We're all annoyed that they've replaced something that worked with something that doesn't."

Ms Falla said it meant drivers were unable to accept the number of jobs they would previously due to the extra time needed to travel to and from the airport.

She said it also affected the fares passengers were paying.

"Meters work primarily on distance, but when you are at a standstill or driving very, very slowly the meter switches over automatically to time," she said.

"There's nothing we can do about that so it is bumping up fares considerably."

Ms Falla said when work at the airport first started there was a noticeable increase in traffic, but not in delays. She questioned whether or not the success of the filter in turn had been monitored before the lights were installed.

"I don't minded unavoidable delays, I accept road works and everything else, but these delays are avoidable," she added.

From BBC Guernsey.

Have you been affected by these traffic lights?

Share your experiences with other users.


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