Horse lovers urge drivers to slow down

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Horse lovers urge drivers to slow down

Post by GD on Sat 02 Jun 2012, 12:32 pm

Horse lovers are urging drivers to slow down after a pony was seriously injured in a road accident.

Sonny went careering into gates at the side of the Five Mile Road in St Ouen after a motorcyclist sped past them.

His owner Mark Cobden had signalled to the driver to slow down, but he says the driver deliberately went faster.

Police want to speak to that biker, and a cyclist, who helped after the accident happened on Tuesday evening at just before 6pm.

Mark, who drives Sonny in carriage competitions, and has been riding horses for 11 years, explained: "We turned around in El Tico car park and as we came out and were driving back down towards Le Braye beach, a motorcylist came from in front of us, very fast and we tried to get him to slow down, with clear hand signals, which he completely ignored, consquently Sonny got scared by this and bolted off with me."

Sonny suffered bad cuts to his legs, near his tendons, and Mark says both of them could have died. Sonny got his legs caught in the frame of the carriage and in the crash Mark was wedged between Sonny and the carriage. Mark escaped with some minor bruising.

He said: "It could have been a lot worse, it could have been today we'd be reporting about a dead pony, because if he'd gone any further he could have actually snapped his leg in half and of course horses, if they get a broken leg, they can't necessarily be fixed like humans can. And if I'd have still had my leg caught and he'd have got up and bolted again then I might not still be here because it would be my head bouncing off the tarmac."

Local cafe owner Jo Baker, says he often sees drivers speeding down the Five Mile road.

He said: "Cars are flying along. And the horse racing people come down regularly to exercise the horse, and happy hackers too, and unfortunately people seem to have lost all horse sense really."

Police want to speak to the rider of the black motorbike and a cyclist who helped Sonny and Mark after the accident. And they have this advice for drivers. You should call the police station on 01534 612612 if you have any information.

Acting Inspector Sian Gidley said: "If there is a horse on the road, slow down, keep a safe distance behind the horse, and when you do overtake give the horse a wide berth and overtake slowly."

Sonny is now on the road to recovery thanks to lots of loving care from Mark.

(from CTV)

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