Relationship and housing worries up in Guernsey

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Relationship and housing worries up in Guernsey

Post by GD on Wed 23 May 2012, 6:07 pm

More people in Guernsey have been seeking advice about relationship and housing issues.

Last year the Citizen's Advice Bureau received nearly 1,900 enquiries about relationship matters and 1,556 about housing issues.

Both were up by around 200.

And the charity is already seeing a rise in the number of queries on the topics this year.

Deputy manager Kerry Ciotti said it was probably due to the tough financial climate.

She said: "Times are harder and unemployment is higher, which puts pressure on people. Money is tighter and people need help because they can't necessarily afford an advocate."

She said people approached the CAB for advice about seeking a divorce, child maintenance, housing licences and so on.

And if often referred people to the correct authorities.

Mrs Ciotti added that housing and relationship issues tended to be linked.

She said: "For example, people are breaking up and accommodation needs to be found."

In all, the charity had nine percent more requests for advice than in 2010.

(from CTV)

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