VAT loophole: No mass unemployment

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VAT loophole: No mass unemployment

Post by GD on Sat 05 May 2012, 10:56 am

Fears of mass unemployment following closure of the VAT loohole on exports from the Channel Islands to the UK has not so far materialised in Guernsey.

At the end of March the total number of unemployed people in Guernsey was 416.

For April the figure is 19 higher - all of them people laid off by the mail order industry. It is thought that many involved in the bulk mail business were guest workers who have left the island in search of jobs elsewhere

Unemployment had been falling in Guernsey.

In Alderney 23 people are looking for jobs.
(from CTV)

Trouble is that most of those made redundant have been paid up to the end of this month and into June so have not registered yet.

I am sure that June/July's figure's will show the increases...

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