Jersey needs free Christian school, says head teacher

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Jersey needs free Christian school, says head teacher

Post by GD on Wed 25 Apr 2012, 6:22 pm

There should be free Christian education for pupils in Jersey not just those whose parents can afford it, according to a local head teacher.

The island has two fee-paying religious secondary schools - Beaulieu and De La Salle - run by the Catholic Church.

Beaulieu head teacher Chris Beirne said as a school they would support any plans to introduce free Christian education.

Education Minister Deputy Patrick Ryan said there was already choice.

Deputy Ryan said he did not want to see fees increased but felt the current situation already provided a choice for parents.

He said: "I think it is good choice, there are some differences between the faith schools and normal fee-paying schools which I think are great and provide choice to parents and long may it continue."

'Real mission'

Mr Beirne said being a fee-paying school limited its ability to offer a Christian education to all Catholics in Jersey.

He said: "We would not naturally have chosen to establish a school on Christian principles if we realised that for the whole of its life it would have to be a fee-paying provision.

"By the fact that we are fee-paying it means we cannot fulfil our real mission, which is to educate the poor and educate those within the Catholic community who are looking for a Christian education."

Mr Beirne said any mature society should have a free provision for Christian education and that the school would support any work towards a solution.

He said: "It is important our politicians, our parents and the island feel this is right for the island, it is not a decision I am competent or capable of taking.

"What I can tell you is that Beaulieu would work and my colleagues would work towards achieving anything that secured the opportunity for young people thrive."
(from BBC)

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