Election 2012 Results Summary

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Election 2012 Results Summary

Post by GD on Thu 19 Apr 2012, 7:37 am

20 islanders will wake up this morning – having won a seat in the States of Guernsey.

They will join 23 returning Deputies in the States Chamber next month along with two former Deputies, also re-elected last night.

Of the successful candidates we’ve spoken to, many of the newcomers are still coming to terms with winning at the election.

Here is a full list of who’s in and who’s out of the States.

Hunter Adam – The Castel
Mark Dorey – The Castel
Barry Paint – The Castel
John Gollop – St Peter Port North
Martin Storey – St Peter Port North
Barry Brehaut – St Peter Port South
Roger Domaille – St Peter Port South
Jan Kuttlewascher – St Peter Port South
Allister Langlois – St Peter Port South
Scott Ogier – St Sampson
Peter Gillson – St Sampson
Lyndon Trott – St Sampson
Mike Hadley – The South East
Mike O’Hara – The South East
Francis Quin – The South East
Robert Sillars – The South East
Matt Fallaize – The Vale
Dave Jones – The Vale
Andrew Le Lievre – The Vale
Mary Lowe – The Vale
Tony Spruce – The Vale
Al Brouard – The West
David De Lisle – The West

Darren Duquemin – The Castel
Christopher Green – The Castel
Sandra James – The Castel
Elis Bebb – St Peter Port North
Richard Conder – St Peter Port North
Michelle Le Clerc – St Peter Port North
Lester Queripel – St Peter Port North
Peter Sherbourne – St Peter Port North
Peter Harwood – St Peter Port South
Rob Jones – St Peter Port South
Paul Le Pelley – St Sampson
Gavin St Pier – St Sampson
Kevin Stewart – St Sampson
Paul Luxon – The South East
Heidi Soulsby – The South East
Garry Collins – The Vale
Laurie Queripel – The Vale
Yvonne Burford – The West
David Inglis – The West
Arrun Wilkie – The West

Jonathan Le Tocq – The Castel
Roger Perrot – The West

Bernard Flouquet – The Castel
Mike Garrett – The Castel
Sean McManus – The Castel
Mike Collins- St Peter Port North
Leon Galliene – St Peter Port North
Rhoderick Matthews – St Peter Port North
Jenny Tasker – St Peter Port South
Ivan Rihoy – St Sampson
Jane Stephens – St Sampson
Janine Le Sauvage – The South East
Gloria Dudley Owen – The West
Shane Langlois – The West

(from Island FM)

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