Islandwide voting tops the poll

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Islandwide voting tops the poll

Post by GD on Thu 12 Apr 2012, 4:46 pm

Research commissioned by Channel Television shows people in Guernsey would be more inclined to vote if they could choose islandwide candidates.

At the moment, the electorate can only choose from candidates in the district where they live.

An attempt to introduce islandwide voting was rejected by the States of Guernsey last year.

The study of 500 islanders, a broadly representative sample of the island population, shows 52% would be more likely to take part in a general election if the change was introduced.

Conversely, 10% said it would actually put them off voting, with 38% saying it would make no difference to them.

Islandwide voting has become an election issue, making question-time at hustings meetings and becoming one of the hot topics on the #Gsy2012 twitter conversation.

When the States looked at the possibility of changing the system, they were presented with a number of options which included complete islandwide voting, but also a halfway house of some district or parish deputies topped up with islandwide "super politicians".

A number of candidates for this month's general election have pledged their support for islandwide voting, indicating their hope for changes over the next term.

The States last month agreed to a review of the current machinery of government. That is not expected to report back for at least a year.
(from CTV)

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