Guernsey's electoral system 'restricts choice'

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Guernsey's electoral system 'restricts choice'

Post by GD on Thu 29 Mar 2012, 6:58 pm

Guernsey's electoral system "restricts choice" and "discourages voter participation", according to a deputy who is retiring after nine years.

Deputy Graham Guille said voting by district, rather than allowing electors to vote for any island candidate was "a fundamental denial of democracy".

The island's general election on 18 April will see 78 candidates seeking 45 seats spread over seven constituencies.

Deputies last rejected island-wide voting by 29 votes to 14 in 2011.

The States Assembly and Constitution Committee failed to convince members that its proposals were workable.

Deputy Guille said the division of the island into districts was distorting.

"In some districts you could poll many thousands of votes and not get a seat," he said, "and yet in other districts you might gain a seat with perhaps just a few hundred votes."

The lowest number of votes gained by a successful candidate at the 2008 election was 770.

This total was bettered by 16 unsuccessful candidates, including one who polled 1,232.
(from BBC)

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Re: Guernsey's electoral system 'restricts choice'

Post by Thistle on Mon 02 Apr 2012, 8:07 am

i totally agree GD..island wide elections need to be looked at yet again..there are very few candidates i would vote for in my district but some i would like to see get in from other areas x

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Re: Guernsey's electoral system 'restricts choice'

Post by Diddycoon on Mon 02 Apr 2012, 9:01 am

I also agree - if there was island wide voting I believe that more people would be on the electoral roll and subsequently voting. I am the same as you thistle most of the candidates in my parish are a complete waste of time - some of the manifestos are full of the same false hope they pledged 4 years ago - I support candidates in other parishes and would happily give them my vote!

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Re: Guernsey's electoral system 'restricts choice'

Post by kingcolemk on Mon 02 Apr 2012, 9:46 am

If you have Island wide representatives who is going to concern themselves with local issues outside of Town or St Sampson ?


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Re: Guernsey's electoral system 'restricts choice'

Post by kat on Mon 02 Apr 2012, 10:18 am

I think all should be automatic on the roll .they can opt out if they want to
We have the information of all at the States insurance .so why not use it .
this way as least it would save paper work and campaign of getting folks onto the register to start with .
then is someone comes along they wish to vote for they can with out the worry if they are on the roll
as for island wide elections i would support a fair system that every parish is represented .with at least one in each parish . or a douziane rep in the house instead .
it is viatl that every parish is represented . i also feel strongly that those who stand in a parish should at least live in it .

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Re: Guernsey's electoral system 'restricts choice'

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