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LUXON; Paul Anthony

Post by GD on Sat 17 Mar 2012, 5:45 pm

Manifesto to follow..

......THE BOSS......

"Always be yourself because the people who mind don't matter, and the people who matter don't mind"


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Re: LUXON; Paul Anthony

Post by GD on Fri 23 Mar 2012, 11:30 pm

“Trust me with your vote”

Who am I?

I am 52 years old

Happily married with an 8 y

Also two Labradors and a c

Live in St Martins in the Hu owned a property there

Attended Vale Infants, Caste for Boy’s schools

Currently I am a Businessma

A Chartered Director with ex

Previously was managing Di of the SandpiperCI Group - f

Was responsible for;- £90m+ 12 businesses, and a pan-isl

Immediate past president of

Keen recycler who is 100% c Waste Strategy

Passionate about our island drive to represent you

...and would like to see the engage more with governme vice versa

A Personal View

Thanks to Advocate Russell Clark of St Martin’s and Rupert Dorey of St Andrew’s for proposing and seconding me respectively. Thanks also to my family for understanding why I have chosen to stand for the States and supporting my campaign. Thanks to the many Parishioners of the South-East district and Islanders generally who have offered their warm encouragement and support.

“Guernsey is a great place to live” and that is why I seek to gain your support to be elected as your People’s Deputy - to help make a difference. This island is a truly special place and we are all fortunate to live and work here, where our families are very safe, secure and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in a stunning environment.

I have always been fascinated by politics; both locally and further afield and also have a keen interest in economic and social issues. Now that I have the time available to dedicate as a Deputy, I want to offer my skills and experiences for the benefit of our community.

Over many years I have offered time and effort into a variety of public service and community roles, including:

the Institute of Directors

2003 Island Games

Good Food Group

Chamber of Commerce

And currently as a Guernsey Sports Commissioner.

I have been part of, led and Chaired many organisations or bodies, and always enjoyed working with and developing a team around me – it gives great satisfaction to identify challenges, and then work with others to find clever common sense solutions that work.

Sometimes, Guernsey enjoys success “in spite of good government, rather than because of” but with the global and UK economy being so vulnerable it is essential that we develop strategies and policy here that ensures success for Guernsey “because of, rather than in spite of…”

There is no doubt Guernsey, both as a community and an economy, is truly fortunate to have such resilience; remaining strong with no real debt burden yet! We have been very fortunate to date; our current problems are frustrating but manageable in real terms, however we must make the key decisions quicker in the future.

The States Strategic Plan, Capital Prioritisation process and Financial Transformation Programme have been commendable improvements within government over the last four years – but further urgent progress is essential now if our economy is to remain balanced for the long term and provide the affordable social services we all enjoy.

Focus Points

Common Sense – ideas for the future with an eye to the past.

Strong Economy – resilient, robust, diverse, evolving, dynamic.

Fairness & Equality - for all members of the community, a balance between those paying taxes and those needing support.

Island Wide Issues


Issues remain with how the current system of government works and I would support the proposed Review of Government which is currently being considered by the Assembly. Government in a small island of 62,000 people should be – effective, timely, responsible, accountable, cost effective and encourage leadership to make the right decisions for our long term well being, through the alignment of all stakeholders’ interests.


Recent developments will have concerned the majority of islanders; a knowledgeable and skilled body of students will both enrich our children’s lives and contribute to the island’s future success. I do not believe our education system is failing overall but there are clear areas of concern that require quick and immediate remedy. The recent Reports have been welcomed by the new Education Board, with actions initiated to resolve the problem areas – this is commendable and requires our full support.


We have a superb international finance centre in Guernsey which is well regulated and continues to grow and diversify. This is the ‘engine room’ of our economic success and should be encouraged to develop with appropriate enabling legislation. The contribution this sector makes in stimulating support services and to the islands tax revenue is key to the island’s capital investment needs and social service provision. Finance is not the only success story, all business sectors should be encouraged, and we must strive to further diversify our economic base.


This sector now plays a less important part in our economy than years gone past, however it too generates export income by attracting visitors whose direct on-island spend coupled with the economic multiplier effect, adds great value. Good air and sea links, hotels, restaurants, bars and attractions all add to the quality of infrastructure that both visitors and locals are able to enjoy. Tourism also acts as a great advertisement for Guernsey plc, and the industry should be encouraged to invest for the future.


This department rightly consumes the most significant part of Guernsey’s annual public expenditure spend. The health and social services benefits we are all able to access are a credit to the island’s prosperity, we will all, no doubt wish for more services to be made available either free or at low cost, however, difficult cost versus benefit decisions will have to be grappled with. The developing HSSD 20/20 Vision is a key piece of work underway that will hopefully clarify priorities that are affordable.

I won’t promise to –

Vote for populous decisions when tough choices arise

Be an expert on absolutely every aspect of local government agenda

Get everything right every time, but I shall certainly try to!

Solve every problem quickly - the current system sadly is often slow which is why refinement of the current system would be beneficial

Stand for re-election, assuming I am elected, unless my track record warrants it

I do promise I will commit to –

Work hard on your behalf and be fully committed

Learn how the system works – quickly

Aim to be a good politician – but not ‘play politics’

Read, research, learn, listen, investigate, debate, consider…and then make decisions and vote in Guernsey’s best interests

Retain outside business interests and engage with sectors of people across Guernsey’s economic and social society, to retain perspective

Protect and preserve standards in – health, education, pensions & housing…for all

Resist any introduction of GST or a sales tax – until all other options have been exhausted

Endeavour to regularly keep in touch with the South-East Parishioners’ concerns

Parish Matters

Stop speeding in the lanes : Take pride in our floral successes : Expand the Community Centre’s activities : Resolve ‘bad neighbour’ issues : Fight to retain St. Andrew’s School : Support the work of the Douzaines’ and Constables’ Offices.

Short Term Goal position

Resolve the islands corporate tax strategy with

the EU.

Deal with the current on-going deficit position.

Stimulate and grow our economy, minimising unnecessary legislation.

Longer Term Goals

Devise strategies to deal with the critical population ageing demographic time bomb.

Social equality for those less well off in our community.

Strive for environmental policies that will protect the Island’s future well-being.


Mobile: 07911 103460 Email: Web:

......THE BOSS......

"Always be yourself because the people who mind don't matter, and the people who matter don't mind"


Number of posts : 10122
Location : Channel Islands
Job/hobbies : Website
Humor : Anything that makes me laugh
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