Jersey's visitor economy is flatlining.

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Jersey's visitor economy is flatlining.

Post by GD on Fri 09 Mar 2012, 4:52 pm

Last year's growth was 0.6% - compared with 8% in Guernsey - but the tourist spend was up 6% meaning visitors contributed 12 million in GST.

The man in charge of keeping Jersey's economy on track, Senator Alan Maclean refused to be downbeat about the tiny growth in visitor numbers.

Senator Maclean said: "In the ongoing challenging economic climate, similar visitor volume to 2010 can be regarded as very positive - especially in the context of an estimated 9% reduction last year of British people traveling away on holiday to foreign destinations. The final outcome is particularly welcome."

The average spend per leisure visitor was recorded at 471, an increase of 6% over 2010.

The relatively low value of sterling against the Euro may explain bouyant visitor numbers from Europe. There were 13,260 German staying leisure visitors, an increase of 23%. They were also the biggest spenders.

There was a 10% jump in the number of people from France holidaying in Jersey - a total of 40,580.

Sterling's slide in value has made the cost of foreign holidays much more expensive for locals and they seem to have found a way around that, by going to another Channel Island. Last year 19,000 people from Guernsey took a break in Jersey, an increase of 16%.

Senator Maclean describes the year-end figures as "very encouraging".

"Visitors are spending more, reflecting the trend towards the islands investment in higher graded accommodation. In-bound holiday business is holding up well and at times gaining market share. Europe presents a very good potential for future growth. All of this tells me the States investment is producing a good return for the tax payer," said the minister.

For the full report go to: Official 2011 Figures

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