'Health tourism' could be big bucks for Guernsey

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'Health tourism' could be big bucks for Guernsey

Post by GD on Thu 01 Mar 2012, 10:09 pm

An independent report says Guernsey could diversify its economy by promoting health tourism.

The report says the health sector is one of the few that can reliably be predicted to grow in coming years, and that there are numerous opportunities for Guernsey to exploit that commercially.

It recommends that the island explores the idea of developing and promoting medical tourism and high end residential care.

Oxford Economics' Senior Director, Neil Gibson, explained why health tourism is a good idea for the island: "The UK population is getting huge numbers of retired people, elderly people - people living longer. There's a significant demand for operations for things like knee replacements, hip replacements, where people will require some a) top class medical care and b) potentially a couple of days rest and recuperation.

"Now where else would people like to go for that than somewhere where the climate's nice, crime levels are low, it's an attractive place to maybe get out and about as you stand to recover so there's actually potentially quite a significant demand."

The independent report was written by Oxford Economics, who will be holding a public meeting to present their findings at the end of March.

Commerce and Employment Minister Deputy Carla McNulty Bauer said: "I believe this is an excellent time to generate conversation and stimulate debate on the outcomes of the recent study. The views, perceptions, conclusions and recommendations in the report will need to be assessed when it is used to inform, but not necessarily dictate, the development of an Economic Development Strategy.

"Oxford Economics' work identifies new potential work streams as well as new strands to existing economic sectors that are most definitely worthy of consideration."

The States will be consulting on the recommendation, and the rest of the report, once the new House is voted in. The economic development strategy will then form part of the Fiscal and Economic Plan.
(from CTV)

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Re: 'Health tourism' could be big bucks for Guernsey

Post by Thistle on Fri 02 Mar 2012, 7:52 am

of course the local population would be put at the front of the queue lol....i dont think so ..the island would make more money if guest workers had to pay for medical expenses as i thinkthey can go straight onto contract for doctors etc as soon as they arrive in the island (i may be wrong on this and apologise if i am )

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Re: 'Health tourism' could be big bucks for Guernsey

Post by karma on Fri 02 Mar 2012, 11:36 am

Big Bucks.....wonder when humanity is going to realise that you cannot eat money!!!! Chasing money will not stop us dying - it is our legacy...and no one has yet learned how to take it with them...........

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Re: 'Health tourism' could be big bucks for Guernsey

Post by kat on Fri 02 Mar 2012, 11:45 am

I agree with thistle . too many are popping into the island and taking advantage of our system.
this means so many will have to go with out .

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Re: 'Health tourism' could be big bucks for Guernsey

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