Sark rocks!

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Sark rocks!

Post by GD on Wed 22 Feb 2012, 6:00 pm

A fleeting glance shows that Sark's scenery is impressive - but a closer look at the landscape reveals a remarkably rich variety of rocks. A new book is now encouraging people to examine the island's geology.

Sark Rocks has just been launched in the island. It's the first book written by 90-year-old Felicity Belfield. As a keen geologist herself, she felt everything published before wasn't suitable for anyone but experts.

"They're the sort of thing that most people don't really want to bother to read because it's so complicated and technical and I thought a lot of people come here and they go down to the beach and they're interested in what they can see there and what they can pick up on the beach and it might be a good idea to have a book that would be suitable for everybody," said Felicity.

Felicity has been examining Sark's stones for 40 years - and says the island has plenty to offer.

"That's the wonderful thing on a small island you don't have to look around very far, you don't have to go off searching for different types of rock, they're all together, very often on one beach," she said.

Sark Rocks is a family effort, with photographs and illustrations included from the author's children and grandchildren.

It's on sale now - and those who managed to get a signed copy at the launch should hang on to it.

At 90, Felicity says, this will be her first and last publication.
(from CTV)

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