Sweet breakfast cereals 'too sugary for kids'

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Sweet breakfast cereals 'too sugary for kids'

Post by GD on Fri 17 Feb 2012, 7:55 am

Children’s breakfast cereals are “so full of sugar they should be in the chocolate biscuit aisle of supermarkets,” the Daily Express has warned.

Several newspapers have reported the findings of a survey into the nutritional content of popular UK breakfast cereals, with most papers focusing on the high sugar levels in children’s cereals.

The survey comparing the nutritional content of 50 UK breakfast cereals included top selling brands and supermarkets’ own-brand equivalents. It found that overall, 32 out of the 50 were high in sugar, and that 12 out of the 14 cereals (86%) aimed at children had excessive levels of added sugar. The survey also reported some good news: that most cereals have reduced their salt levels over the last few years.

The survey also found inconsistent ‘per serving’ information and nutrition labelling, with different serving sizes between brands, as well as a lack of traffic light labelling.

The nutritional value of cereals, particularly those fortified with vitamins and minerals, means that they can still play a part in a health balanced diet. However, these findings should serve as a reminder to people who eat cereal to be careful with the amount of sugar, fat and salt they eat in all meals of the day.

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