Sark protest in support of island doctor

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Sark protest in support of island doctor

Post by GD on Fri 10 Feb 2012, 6:24 pm

Sark residents are staging a protest in support of their doctor on Saturday.

Dr Peter Counsell is leaving the island claiming he has been hounded out by the Sark Newsletter.

It's owned by the multi-millionaire Barclay brothers who live on the nearby island of Brecqhou.

The paper criticized the doctor's recent handling of a case saying the patient should have been evacuated by using the Barclay brothers' helicopter instead of by boat.

In an open letter on his website the doctor claims this was just one of many unfounded attacks on his professional competency.

He has now handed in his notice.

Organisers of the protest at the Island Hall say they want to show the doctor how valued his is, and to protest against the continuing publication of the Sark Newsletter.
(from CTV)

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Re: Sark protest in support of island doctor

Post by Marby on Sun 12 Feb 2012, 11:03 am

St Johns Ambulance is a charity.
If the Barclay brothers are so concerned about controlling the evacuation of Sark's patients why not make a donation to the marine ambulance?
That way it is a win - win situation for them & they can leave the method of evacuation where it belongs, with the health care professionals - and stop interfering.


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