Green future for Herm

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Green future for Herm

Post by GD on Mon 06 Feb 2012, 5:00 pm

As Guernsey and Jersey's recycling rates rise, the smallest community in the Channel Islands is trying to keep up.

Right now Herm estimates its recycling rate is around the 40% mark.

But it wants to catch up to Guernsey, where the target is 50% and could soon rise to 70.

Right now Herm burns a lot of its rubbish, especially food waste. But since there's no way of shipping that food waste to Guernsey, recycling it is proving difficult.

The island's recycling facility caters for its 60 year-round inhabitants as well as seasonal staff and tourists.

But, apart from some green waste that's being composted, the rest is all burnt open air- not a very environmentally friendly way of dealing with waste. It also doesn't go down well with tourists, which is the island's main source of income.

Herm Technical Director, Simon George said: "We did a waste audit two years ago and we found that the largest proportion of waste is food waste, so the departments have started looking, you know, the hotel, the mermaid, can they reduce their food waste, that will help their bottom line which will keep us all smiling, and I'm currently looking at four different processes in how to deal with the remaining food waste."

The treatments could see food waste turned into more fertisliser, a bio-fuel, or even grey water, to clear drains.

It will cost the island to set up. But Herm is prepared to take on the challenge, and knows it has to get greener to keep its visitors coming.
(from CTV)

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Re: Green future for Herm

Post by kat on Mon 06 Feb 2012, 5:23 pm

Get some pigs .or chickens this will eat up a lot of food waste

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