scarlet fever alert

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scarlet fever alert

Post by Thistle on Wed 01 Feb 2012, 8:13 am

Scarlet Fever Alert

Guernsey schools are on alert for cases of Scarlet Fever.

Notes have been sent home to parents advising of a number of increased cases of the infectious disease.

Children may develop a fever and sore throat before vomiting and coming out in a rough rash.

If you're concerned about Scarlet Fever the advice is to contact the infection control nurses at the PEH. taken from sure website x

so now they are telling parents ..scarlet fever has been doing the rounds in guernsey schools for several months but parents have not been informed of do i know you might ask ..a friends little boy has had this and had difficulty getting rid of it..after several courses of anti biotics he is now clear ...what school was this it was vauvert

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Re: scarlet fever alert

Post by kat on Wed 01 Feb 2012, 11:49 am

That is a old illness coming back .. some folks will send their children to school even if they are unwell .
hope it gets stamped out soon.

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