60,000 to help criminals deal with drink problems

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60,000 to help criminals deal with drink problems

Post by GD on Tue 31 Jan 2012, 6:14 pm

A scheme to break the link between crime and alcohol is being taken to the next level in Guernsey.

Sixty thousand pounds of private funding is being poured into a programme to help criminals deal with their drinking problems.

The hope is it will cut re-offending and reduce the amount of crime in the island.

The money has been donated to the Criminal Justice Alcohol Service (CJAS) which means, for the next three years, offenders who have ended up in court because of crimes caused by booze will get specialist help.

Quite simply, the idea is to stop them reoffending.

The money, 30,000 from the Lloyds TSB Foundation and 30,000 from Guy Hands and Terra Firma, means the service can double its workload, seeing around 15 people a week.

They meet one to one with a caseworker to get to the bottom of their cycle of drinking and crime.

Andrea Nightingale from the Drug & Alcohol Strategy said, "This, for me, is the ideal model of a public private partnership enabling initiatives to expand and develop."

John Hutchins from the Lloyds TSB Foundation said, "The CJAS is a vital service to help break the cycle of re-offending for people with alcohol-related problems and get their lives back on track."

There were more than 2,500 crimes reported in Guernsey last year, many where alcohol played a part - this funding for the Criminal Justice Alcohol Service hopes to change that.
(from BBC)

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