GASP in Guernsey call for smokefree sporting events

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GASP in Guernsey call for smokefree sporting events

Post by GD on Tue 31 Jan 2012, 6:02 pm

Dugouts and touch lines could become smoke free in Guernsey if a new campaign is successful.

GASP (the Guernsey Adolescent Smoke free Project) is pushing for coaches and sports people to set a good example to young people by not smoking at sports events.

They have outlined a number of steps they want people to follow - including signing up as a smoke free supporter and displaying car stickers.

GASP has an aim to get the island smoke free by 2040, which they define as meaning less than 5% of the population smoke.

Chair Alun Williams explained why they are pushing for community involvement rather than States action: "What we're trying to do is instead of it always having to be introduced through legal requirements or whatever, we really want to get the community involved. So one of the most obvious things is things like if people don't smoke in front of young people in dugouts, we're trying to get people to have more of our stickers in their cars, we're trying to get retailers on board to support us - so really what we're trying to do is get the whole of the community involved so that it's not done to them, it's very much part of the culture of Guernsey that we protect young people by not smoking around them so that they understand that it's not a normal activity and hopefully we can reach our goal of being smoke free by 2040."

Guernsey FC coach Tony Vance is supporting the campaign. He said: "Kids are influenced so easily on things, and if they see people that perhaps they look up to or someone they aspire to and they see that they're doing certain things then they might be obliged to copy them so we've all got a massive task on ourselves to try and create the correct manner and atmosphere."

GASP's seven steps are:

1. Stop smoking in the dugouts
2. Talk about smoking
3. Wear your sticker with pride
4. Retailers to stop under-18s from selling cigarettes without adult supervision
5. Sign up as a smokefree 2040 supporter
6. Let us hear your views
7. Listen to young people
(from CTV)

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Re: GASP in Guernsey call for smokefree sporting events

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