School bus overcrowding not resolved

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School bus overcrowding not resolved

Post by GD on Thu 19 Jan 2012, 8:45 pm

Overcrowding problems on the La Mare de Carteret school buses have not been resolved.

The Environment Department had hoped to introduce restrictions, telling students who live within a mile of the school that they can not use the school buses. That would allow more room for students with longer journeys, some of whom have not been able to find a seat.

The Department has now discovered there is no formal requirement for schools to take responsibility for the loading of school buses after school closing times.

Now the bus operator has been asked to keep count of student numbers to see if there is another way around the problem.

The Environment Department says a decision will be made next week.

Meanwhile the bus operator is being questioned over claims that students from La Mare de Carteret were charged for using the scheduled service. There is an agreement they can travel free so long as they are in school uniform.
(from CTV)

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Re: School bus overcrowding not resolved

Post by kingcolemk on Thu 19 Jan 2012, 9:00 pm

When I was at school using the school bus, it was necessary to apply for a bus pass which was only issued to pupils living more than a certain distance from the school. So what's the problem ?


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Re: School bus overcrowding not resolved

Post by kat on Fri 20 Jan 2012, 10:50 am

they knew this would be a problem when they took the main school out of st peter port .this should have been seen to years ago .
this is what happens when you take a school out of the biggest density areas

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Re: School bus overcrowding not resolved

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