Eastbourne warmer than Jersey - "We think not!"

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Eastbourne warmer than Jersey - "We think not!"

Post by GD on Wed 18 Jan 2012, 6:32 pm

Claims that Eastbourne is the sunniest place in Britain are being challenged by Jersey's Met Department.

Although you would not believe it by looking out the window today, their latest statistics show that Jersey had 273 more hours of sunshine than Eastbourne last year.

Jersey's Principal Meteorological Officer Anthony Pallot said that the total sunshine for 2011 recorded at Fort Regent was 2235.8 hrs.

Mr Pallot said: "We have no doubt Eastbourne's figures have been obtained using the appropriate equipment. So like for like comparisons would place us ahead on the following counts:

Mean temperature for the year - Eastbourne 12 degrees C, Jersey 13 degrees C

30 year period average mean temperature - Eastbourne 11.0 degrees C, Jersey 11.8 degrees C

30 year period average sunshine - Eastbourne 1848.6, Jersey (Fort Regent) 1912.1

Maximum & Minimum Temperatures - warmer than Eastbourne every month of the year.

Fewer days of frost - Jersey 8.8, Eastbourne 15.9."

David de Carteret Jersey Tourism's Director said: "We are regularly challenged on our claims to be the warmest and sunniest place in Britain. It is a status we pride the island upon as it is a natural advantage we have over all our UK competitors.

"The scientific facts speak for themselves and we are happy to counter any challenges to our great record."

Our weather presenter Sophia Bird has been looking into the friendly banter going on, and said that Eastbourne could well have the sunniest location in "the UK", as Jersey and Guernsey are members of the British Isles (and not part of the UK) - but it was unfortunate that they then went on to say that they had more hours of sunshine than "rival destinations of jersey and Guernsey".

Sophia decided to get to the bottom of the argument and contacted Eastbourne Borough Council and asked them to comment and they returned with the following reply late on Wednesday afternoon saying:

"We haven't compared our temperatures with Jersey - but for Eastbourne we did record a higher average temperature in 2011, which for us was the warmest on record".
(from BBC)

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Re: Eastbourne warmer than Jersey - "We think not!"

Post by Thistle on Wed 18 Jan 2012, 10:15 pm

jersey apparently take the sunshine readings at fort regent which accounts for the difference in sunshine hours to guernseys which is taken at the highest point in the island at the airport .

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Re: Eastbourne warmer than Jersey - "We think not!"

Post by karma on Wed 18 Jan 2012, 11:46 pm

They also take it down at L'Ancresse so they get a 'fair' reading :-))

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Re: Eastbourne warmer than Jersey - "We think not!"

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