Jersey's Val de la Mar reservoir to open to walkers

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Jersey's Val de la Mar reservoir to open to walkers

Post by GD on Tue 10 Jan 2012, 5:29 pm

Parts of Jersey's Val de la Mare reservoir will reopen to walkers after it was closed for repairs in May 2011.

The site was drained and cleared of silt as part of a £1.6m project to repair the dam.

Specialists from the Czech Republic and Italy worked on the project which Jersey Water said was essential.

From Wednesday the car park will reopen and people will be able to walk along the north and south sides of the reservoir.

There is another entrance on Mont Rossignol which will stay closed for the time being.

The reservoir which was completely emptied in May is almost full after rainfall levels rose by 152% above the average for December.

Jersey Water Managing Director Howard Snowden said: "We have experienced significant levels of rainfall over the past few weeks, which have increased water stocks by 50%.

"However, the exceptionally dry autumn of 2011 has served as a reminder to us all that we live on an island which has limited water resources.

"Therefore, the message stays the same, and we ask our customers to use water wisely and not to waste it."
(from BBC)

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