Self-sanitizing keyboard OKd for health care use

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Self-sanitizing keyboard OKd for health care use

Post by Alpy on Thu 05 Jan 2012, 1:11 pm

The Vioguard anti-bacterial keyboard has received US FDA approval for use in healthcare, the start-up has announced. This means that hospitals and other such sterile environments can use the keyboards.

The keyboard works by extending for use and retracting when its out of use. When it retracts into its housing, two germicidal 25-watt ultraviolet lights bake bacteria, viruses, and mold in seconds. The technology kills at least 99.99% of bugs like flu, MRSA, and other contagions. The fact that the Vioguard does it automatically makes it convenient for hospitals that would normally have to resort to manual cleaning.

Whats more, the keyboard is brought out and put back using a hands-free mechanism triggered by sensors.

Vioguard was founded by Microsoft alums in the Seattle suburbs and was previously trying to sell the device to individual customers for $900 a pop. FDA clearance, however, may help the company tap the massive demand in an enterprise environment that requires sterility. The start-up is currently looking for partners to help it bring the keyboard to market.

via GeekWire

Blakes Opinion

Computers are being used more and more in health care, but the growth is happening in the actual place of care. Much noise has been made about electronic health records and other data-based innovations for administrators and insurers, but computers have finally made the jump into the room where the actual work is being done. Cutting-edge doctors of all kinds, and even dentists, are using computers for digital imaging, diagnostics, and handling their own scheduling.

Since the guys who get messy are finally getting their hands on computers in their places of work, sterilizing computers will become an increasingly important problem to solve. Whoever sterilizes the iPad is sure to make a fortune.

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Re: Self-sanitizing keyboard OKd for health care use

Post by kingcolemk on Thu 05 Jan 2012, 3:58 pm

Oh fer gawd's sake gimme streangth !!!! geek


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Re: Self-sanitizing keyboard OKd for health care use

Post by Thistle on Thu 05 Jan 2012, 6:51 pm

you wouldnt be saying that if you caught mrsa cos the keyboard had it on it.

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Re: Self-sanitizing keyboard OKd for health care use

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