Guernsey dog owners reminded to pay newly increased tax

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Guernsey dog owners reminded to pay newly increased tax

Post by GD on Tue 03 Jan 2012, 6:04 pm

Dog owners in Guernsey are being asked to show "good citizenship" by paying their dog tax on time.

Pierre Paul, the Senior Constable for the Forest parish, said he hoped owners would pay "freely and without having to be coerced into it".

A fine of up to 500 can be imposed for non-payment but Mr Paul said: "Most people take a fairly relaxed view."

The annual fee has been doubled to 10 per dog from 2012, although no payment is required for guide dogs.

Puppies less than six months old are also exempt.

Mr Paul said each parish used a list of the previous year's payments as a starting point for collection.

However, he said calls were made "with sensitivity", in case owners had lost their dogs in the past 12 months.

He said that in most cases of non-payment, owners had simply forgotten.

"Even if it's a couple of weeks late into February," he said, "we don't mind too much in the Forest parish - as long as it's paid within the year."
(from BBC)

A "tax" that cost the public more money to administer than they collect...

......THE BOSS......

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