Call to tackle illegal taxis in Guernsey

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Call to tackle illegal taxis in Guernsey

Post by GD on Thu 15 Dec 2011, 6:36 pm

The president of the Guernsey Taxi Federation has expressed disbelief that neither the police nor the States are doing anything to stop illegal taxis.

Lifts advertised on social media sites are illegal as private insurance does not cover them or their passengers if they have an accident.

Geoff Savident said he was told there were not enough resources to tackle the issue.

Guernsey Police said they were considering targeting "Facebook taxis".

Traffic Sgt John Tostevin said there were a number of risks involved for those operating and using these unlicensed vehicles.

He said: "It is illegal, you need insurance, you're breaking the law... also we could have young ladies being picked up by someone and they have no idea who it is - the risk there is phenomenal."

Environment Minister Peter Sirett said if taxi drivers were aware of the problem they should report those involved to the police.

He said: "It is a very difficult problem, but I'm still not convinced of the depth of the problem as I know nothing about it."

One unlicensed driver told BBC Guernsey: "I've never asked for any money, but people always give us money for doing it.

"There used to be a late night bus service from town to the Bridge and everyone used to use that, but they stopped that and people were walking and I always found it was more dangerous for people to walk home drunk."
(from BBC)

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Re: Call to tackle illegal taxis in Guernsey

Post by kat on Thu 15 Dec 2011, 9:17 pm

This has been goimg on for afew years now.. as long as they dont take money they are ok.. so buy petrol vouchers .. the youngsters on the island will stand by each other and help each other out... and god for them it moight save someone life . as long as you know the person i cant see the problem//apart from a taxi fair not going to the taxi firms ..there is never enough taxis anyway .they are just shifting the queue faster for them

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Re: Call to tackle illegal taxis in Guernsey

Post by Digger on Thu 15 Dec 2011, 9:29 pm

As Kat says this has been going on for years and before Faceache , in most pubs there was usually one person who was willing to take people around like Kat says petrol money . I don't think there is nothing wrong with this , the island is to small for someone to abuse it . This was reported by taxi drivers as they say they are losing trade , maybe so but it cuts down on fighting at the rank with all the ques and also if young people get home safely more so young women all the better , its better than walking home alone instead of waiting a hour or so for a taxi .

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Re: Call to tackle illegal taxis in Guernsey

Post by Thistle on Fri 16 Dec 2011, 7:02 pm

taxis are far too expensive its no wonder people are offering to take people home x

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Re: Call to tackle illegal taxis in Guernsey

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