Strictly not guilty

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Strictly not guilty

Post by Dell on Wed 07 Dec 2011, 5:56 pm

A DANCE teacher accused of assaulting his brother-in-law in an argument over a £112,000 debt had the charge against him dismissed in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Jamie Le Tissier, the man behind the Dancefloor Challenge, Guernsey’s version of Strictly Come Dancing, denied he was the aggressor when he became involved in a physical confrontation with his wife’s twin sister’s husband, Martin Rogan, outside the family home on 6 April.

Judge Philip Robey explained that when the court thinks a charge is proved, which in this case it did, but did not consider it expedient to inflict any punishment, it could dismiss the charge without proceeding to conviction.

‘I go no further than that, dismissing the charge,’ said Judge Robey, confirming that this did not count as a conviction.

From This is Guernsey.


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