Jersey's DVS allows electric cars to be used as taxis

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Jersey's DVS allows electric cars to be used as taxis

Post by GD on Wed 09 Nov 2011, 5:12 pm

Jersey's Driver and Vehicle Standards has agreed in principle to allow electric cars to be used as taxis.

A local taxi firm is trying out Nissan Leafs - electric cars.

Luxicabs is planning to buy two of them at a cost of 30,000 each. If it does they would be the first electric taxis in Jersey.

John Ross, from the company, said it was expensive in the short term but should pay off in the future.

He said: "We have already invested over 400,000 in the Toyota Prius hybrid.

"This new generation of electric cars is even more environmentally sound so [it] ticks all the boxes from an environmental point of view and a business one."

Mr Ross added: "Jersey Electricity could fit our depot with the necessary charging equipment for us to take advantage of cheap-rate electricity."

Chris Ambler, Jersey Electricity CEO, said the company was keen to help and encourage the use of electric vehicles.
(from BBC)

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