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Post by utopianridunian on Tue 25 Oct 2011, 2:37 am

First post so be gentle Surprised

I have spent the evening researching the Guernésiais and have seen some of the other threads about it on here. According to some academic papers, by 2025 there could be less than 30 fluent speakers. I will hopefully (!) live some considerable time past that and was wondering if anyone could inform me as to somewhere/someone who provides classes for beginners? As an English immigré, my only exposure comes from the GP, BBC Guernsey's occasional lessons and The Book of Ebenezer Le Page. Auregnais is just about extinct (a few speakers over here but they aren't fluent) so I don't see a future for that.

I'm aware that Jan Marquis (language development officer at the States of Guernsey) recently resigned and am not sure what the future is for the language. If Jersey can revive Jerriais, I don't see any reason why it isn't possibly in the land of the donkey Wink.


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Re: Guernésiais

Post by karma on Tue 25 Oct 2011, 5:56 am

You could try phoning Radio Guernsey and ask them if the lady who reads the news in patois could help - she is fluent, and I am sure she would love to see someone interested in keeping the language alive - or try

Good Luck :-)x

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