One in five people depressed in Guernsey

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One in five people depressed in Guernsey

Post by Dell on Wed 12 Oct 2011, 7:36 am

One in five people have clinical anxiety or depression in the Bailiwick - that's the stark new statistic unveiled by a survey into islanders' emotional well being.

21% of people in Guernsey are anxious or depressed, while recent estimates show just 15% suffering in Jersey, and 18% in the UK.

Dr Sara Johnson explained: "The vulnerable groups are people who are younger, and particularly people who are unemployed - so of course what we can't tell is causality so whether people become unemployed because they're depressed, or because after they become unemployed or through not working then they develop depression so that we don't know, but there is a very strong association.

The report shows that just seventeen percent of islanders are classed as having high mental wellbeing.

The vast majority - sixty seven percent - come under the moderate category. And 16% have low mental wellbeing.

With so many people suffering from common mental health disorders, local charity Guernsey MIND is trying to help. They marked World Mental Health Day by taking their information bus around the island - encouraging shoppers at Waitrose to get help for any problems.

Debbie Dorey knows all about the nightmare of mental health. "I've lost my son to mental health problems and I've had my own obviously trauma following that, our whole family has been affected, and I know what it's now like to suffer with mental health issues so we just want to try and talk to as many people in the community and get rid of the stigma of any mental health issues."

At Waitrose MIND spoke to almost 100 people - and say if they've helped one they'll be happy.

But the stats show they are the lucky ones so the Health Department is trying to help. They've recently introduced a new mental health service at primary care level - here at GP surgeries. They're trying to take the stigma away from seeking help for mental health problems - and the figures seem to back them up, in the survey almost seventy percent of people said this is where they'd like to come for advice.

The research is the first of its kind in Guernsey - but will be followed up in future. So the next report should show whether the help has made islanders happier.

From Channel TV.

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