Residents’ round-island trip offer on their Belle

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Residents’ round-island trip offer on their Belle

Post by GD on Fri 09 Sep 2011, 6:02 pm

SARK residents who haven’t yet travelled on their shipping company’s new vessel – the former Bournemouth Belle, now renamed the Sark Belle – will be given a free opportunity on Sunday.

Sark Shipping has offered 150 places on a first come, first served basis for a round-the-island trip on the latest addition to its fleet. However, for those who don’t fancy travelling too far, or get maimed in the rush for a freebie, the Belle will be open for inspection during the day and no doubt its crew and company representatives will be on hand to answer all the questions currently being asked – usually of everyone else but them.

While on the subject of matters maritime, Sark’s annual Celebration of the Sea takes place tomorrow ‘up north’ in Michelle Perree’s domain, and it promises its customary mix of excellent seafood, good music and more than a smattering of fun in the 12 hours between noon and midnight.


A fine array of exhibits at Sark’s Grand Autumn produce show.
Last week’s Grand Autumn garden and produce show maintained its usual excellent standards, if what I and many other visitors saw was anything to go by – a view confirmed by many of the written comments from the judges that were placed against the entries.

These shows – demonstrations of labours of love if ever I saw any – are as pleasant a way of passing an hour or so as one can come across and each time I marvel not only at the exhibitors’ skill, but also at the skill of the judges in being able to differentiate between what constitutes a better broad bean, rose, loaf of bread or pot of lemon curd than others in their classes. I can’t have been paying attention when those attributes were dished out.


Last week I referred to many of the carriage drivers being in fancy dress as a fund-raising exercise in aid of the island’s emergency services. Not surprisingly, given the generosity of residents and their guests, they managed to raise over £2,500. I understand that the money is intended to finance something better in the way of patient transport than the island’s doctor has at present – a plastic garden chair placed in his tractor’s link box.


Sark goes to the poll on Wednesday to elect four new conseillers, all of whom will sit in Chief Pleas until the next general election (for half the assembly) at the end of next year. The six candidates are Paul Burgess, Rosanne Byrne, John Donnelly, Hazel Fry, Simon Higgins and Steve Taylor.

Polling is at the Island Hall between 10 am and 6 pm and so far, in the words of a Sarkee and former elected member, the event is being met with a crescendo of indifference. For the sake of the candidates I hope the turnout proves him wrong.


Some weeks ago I referred to the willingness of both Peter and June Carre (and indeed, everyone else associated with St Peter’s Church) to answer questions to which I ought to know the answer. Since then I have asked both Peter and his fellow church warden, Wendy Adams, about the origins of the brass bell inscribed Capetan Chiotis, which hangs outside the building on the south side.

I have established that a cargo vessel bearing that name was launched at a Scottish shipyard in August 1957, but by the time it was delivered its name had changed, and so the ship’s bell – if the object of my interest is that – became redundant.

Neither Peter nor Wendy know of the bell’s origins or how it came to be hanging outside the church, but someone must. If anyone can help satisfy my curiosity, my email address is at the foot of this column.


Finally, The Churches Festival Chorus from Guernsey is giving its annual Sark concert at the Methodist Church a week tomorrow – 17 September – an event that has been held for over 20 years and is well worth attending.

* The email address for comment is (from GEP)

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