Les Genats children accused of duck cruelty

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Les Genats children accused of duck cruelty

Post by GD on Wed 27 Jul 2011, 7:28 pm

POLICE are investigating claims that children on Les Genats Estate are guilty of animal cruelty.

The enquiry follows allegations that a group of ducks were abused by the children. It is believed the birds were thrown against a fence and stamped on during the incident.

Estate residents said they were shocked by the allegations. I felt physically sick when I heard, said Jodie Lomax.

Resident Eleanor Duckworth said she helped catch a duck with a bad leg, but she thought it had been run over. I did not see any ill treatment and Ive never heard about that sort of thing happening here before, she said.

The GSPCA confirmed that one duck had to be put to sleep, another was recovering at the Animal Shelter and another five have been relocated. (from GEP)

Who is to blame?

......THE BOSS......

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Re: Les Genats children accused of duck cruelty

Post by kat on Thu 28 Jul 2011, 9:41 am

I was disgusted until i read facebook....[the gossip book] it says parents on their are also disgusted at this and are defending their children
they say it was another lad who comes into he estates from a private house that did this the other children where also upset at it
whoever is responsible i do hope they get caught and are shamed and made to perhaps go work at the animal shelter cleaning out cages as a punishment for at leat a year with out any pay!

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Re: Les Genats children accused of duck cruelty

Post by Digger on Sun 31 Jul 2011, 10:28 pm

Any animal cruelty is wrong and this must be investigated imo.

BTW What a great name Mrs Duckworth

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Re: Les Genats children accused of duck cruelty

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