Flush with toilets

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Flush with toilets

Post by GD on Tue 05 Jul 2011, 7:22 pm

It appears Guernsey has more public toilets than it needs.

A recent study investigating the importance of public toilets to islanders' every day lives has been undertaken as part of a local nurses Masters degree.

Community Urology Nurse Specialist Patricia McDermott decided to focus on the adequacy and public perception of the public toilet provision in Guernsey.

Guidelines from the British Toilet Association state that there should be no less than one cubicle for every 550 female residents and one urinal for every 1,100 males.

Patricia said: "Based on these, Guernsey would have 57 female cubicles and 28 male urinals. In fact, we are much more fortunate, with 84 female cubicles and 127 male urinals or cubicles. Of course, this has a financial implication and that has been well documented."

Using Island Analysis database, over 500 people were asked a range of questions including how many times a week they used a public toilet and what aspects were important to them when they did, such as location and cleanliness.
(from CTV)

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