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New Airport

Post by Kestral on Sat 02 Jul 2011, 4:36 pm

As per Emile in todays Press, Would it be feasable to have a long term group to look into resiting the current airport to the Longue Hougue area of the Island. Future aircraft will need a much shorter runway as they will most likely have vto capabilities,and be a lot quieter as well,plus the coastal roads would be much easier to enlarge for any traffic buildups,or even an electric train into town.The fog problem is also not such a nuisance in that area. Also as indicated in the Press,you could also moor up the visiting liners on the outskirts of the airport,Jersey is thinking of building a long/long jetty to accept liners,and thats not going to be cheap,so it just goes to show how much they want such a endevour in their future thinking.Give us your ideas,give it some thought,some of it may seem a bit far fetched at this moment in time,but in 20 years or so,who knows.


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