Land windfall tax proposed

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Land windfall tax proposed

Post by GD on Sun 19 Jun 2011, 8:31 pm

States members are being given a chance to vote on a windfall tax on land owners who make millions if their agricultural fields are rezoned for housing.

It's reckoned that the last Island Plan reclassified for building, jumped in value by 50 million. A windfall tax, proposed by Deputy Daniel Wimberley, would put that money in States coffers.

In this week's Island Plan debate, States members will be voting on land rezoning which could make a few land owners overnight millionaires.

Deputy Wimberly says that should make States members feel "distinctly uneasy". The situation, he says, is blatantly unfair, and cries out to be remedied.

"The only thing that can stop this going through is vested interests. It is so obviously the fair thing to do, it will be interesting to see who will vote against such a move, " said the Deputy. He went on: "This tax has been talked about for ages: why does it never happen? It is time now, especially as the new Island Plan comes up for debate, for the powers that be to stop delaying and take action.

"The sweet smell of corruption, or the suspicion of corruption, is bound to be present when financial gains on such a scale are in the balance. I am NOT casting aspersions on those involved in any one decision, or indeed on those bringing amendments to the Island Plan. I am just making it absolutely clear to members that this situation is intolerable, it cannot be reconciled to good governance and it has to change.

"It is a straight issue of fairness. Does the States want to do something about this gross injustice, which has been going on for years, or not?" (from CTV)

Just another tax...

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