Benefits shake up

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Benefits shake up

Post by GD on Fri 17 Jun 2011, 8:08 pm

Low income families in Guernsey are facing a major overhaul in the benefits system.

A new report calls for rent rebates to be scrapped.

The system currently works by giving some islanders in States accommodation money off their rent, but those in similar circumstances living privately do not get the handout.

New benefits are proposed that would make the system fairer but some are worried about what it will mean for them.

Social Security Minister Mark Dorey said: "What we're saying is for people on low income we would assess their personal needs by the size of family and number of people living in it and then additional to that they'll get a rent allowance. And there'll be seven bands of rent allowance according to the size of household and therefore the size of house they need."

Currently in Guernsey there is a gap between low income families in social housing and those renting privately, which is why there are plans to change the system.

Housing Minister Dave Jones said: "Your benefits shouldn't depend, or your level, shouldn't depend on where you live - and if you live in the private sector you get very little and if you live in social housing, you get very well looked after. There needs to be a levelling up of the playing field and that's what this is designed to do."

For some tenants, like Darcy James, who's lived in a States house for 33 years, having a single benefits system should actually make life easier. But he knows there are nerves especially amongst older tenants. He said: "People do worry, because a lot of older tenants don't understand the letters they receive, however simple they may appear, and a lot of people are immediately afraid the moment they see a letter come from housing surprisingly."

But for now, their only reason to worry is uncertainty as the benefits shake-up is still in its early stages.

It will be some time before tenants get any concrete figures one what the new system will mean for them. (from CTV)

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Re: Benefits shake up

Post by The Gimp on Fri 17 Jun 2011, 11:26 pm

about time to..
while there at it they should make people work for unemployment benifit..

The Gimp

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Re: Benefits shake up

Post by Thistle on Sat 18 Jun 2011, 8:28 am

there are some of us out here who are unable to work fulltime but work a few hours a week and get a top up from supp benefit...this is going to discriminate against people on lower incomes in my opinion x

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Re: Benefits shake up

Post by kat on Sat 18 Jun 2011, 11:36 am

there are many who know how to work the system and it is these who get away with benifts every week
i see many who smoke 2/3 packs of ciggies every day.drink bottle of wine per night .and have a few extras to give them the high they want and also go out every is these who should be looked at as it not fair for the working person to subsidise their way of life
i hope this system will catch many out .but i very much doubt it .

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Re: Benefits shake up

Post by karma on Sat 18 Jun 2011, 1:16 pm

I agree Kat - I have to add that when my daughter lived in La Place de Cerise I could never find a parking space because of all the large 4WD vehicles there (she had a Lambretta) and the amount of Satellite dishes took my breath away - I used to wonder how people could afford SKY when we couldn't because we were buying our house and had to pay for the maintenance etc etc. But like you I doubt very much if it will sort out the really needy from the 'system workers'!!

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Re: Benefits shake up

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